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An energy monitoring system is fundamental to understand how energy is consumed, which production area mainly requires energy and when the consumption occurs.
The Tradable Certificates for Energy Savings TCES even known as White Certificates are meant to promote and support energy efficient initiatives among industrial, civil and service players, both public and private ones.
The ISO 50001 is an international voluntary standard that offers the organizations a system to optimize the energy efficiency of all their processes and to promote more efficient management of energy.
Compressed-air systems present often leakages, an underestimated wastage which generates unnecessary high operating costs but which can easily be eliminated.
The Italian decree D.Lgs. 102, July 2014, 4th, imposed an Energy Audit to any large enterprises or energy-intensive firms by December 2015. Such Energy Audits last four years and a new one must be performed by that time.
Energy Performance Contracting EPC is a contractual arrangement between the beneficiary and the provider of an energy efficiency improvement measure.
The offer set on the energy market is evolved and can be personalized to fit the diverse consumption of different firms.
In specific context. the Italian law allows firms to not pay taxes on fuel and energy sources directly linked to the firms production system.
Energy Manager has been introduced in Italy since 1982 by law 308/1982 but has got a full recognition by law 10/1991 as referent for the saving and use of energy.
The Demand Side Management DSM is a service offered by energy-intensive firms which agree in suspend electric availability in case of national emergency.
At the moment electric energy produced by plants benefits of low selling prices to the Italian electric network.
In consequence of the Kyoto Protocol, Europe is engaged in reducing its own greenhouse gas emissions.
The contributions allocated annually by the European Community, by the State and by the Regions can be an interesting opportunity for the companies that interested in the Industry 4. 0

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