Energy monitoring and reporting

Energy monitoring and reporting

An energy monitoring system is fundamental to understand how energy is consumed, which production area mainly requires energy and when the consumption occurs.


Energy efficiency interventions within a company can be in various type, it becomes crucial to understand where it’s best to intervene in order to achieve the most economically advantageous ones. 

To know in detail how, where and when energy is used, it is essential to set up a monitoring system that allows you to divide your business energy drawings into specific areas of consumption. Only in this way it can be possible to identify waste and / or anomalies.



Energynet offers a personalized service for those companies that want to monitor their own consumption.   



  1. Identification of functional areas, departments or individual utilities to be included in the monitoring, in accordance with the ENEA guidelines and according to the specific needs of the company
  2. Identifying Energy Drivers to be included in the monitoring
  3. Definition of the monitoring structure as a function of the energy audits done
  4. Supply and installation of measuring instruments, data storage and transmission systems
  5. Technical support for instrumentation activation
  6. Acquisition of data measured by field tools and transmission of data on the Energynet web platform (EDO) 




  1. Existence of existing system compliance, in accordance with the new ENEA guidelines
  2. Integration of the monitoring system
  3. Supply and installation of data storage and transmission systems
  4. Technical support for the activation instrumentation
  5. Acquisition of data measured by field tools and transmission of data on the Energynet web platform (EDO

After implementing and / or adapting the measuring instruments, your consumption and plant will be constantly monitored and controlled through a special Software.


EDO EDO (Energy Data Optimizer) is the Web platform developed by Energynet to monitor remote data consumption.edo logo app


EDO is fully customizable to meet the needs of users and allows you to make more complex and specific data analyzes, from the data monitored.     

  • Accurate allocation of consumption on individual cost centers
  • Possibility to control continuously the state of the energy system consumption
  • Possibility to check the waste and the causes that cause them
  • Availability of information useful for the correct dimensioning of possible measures to reduce fuel consumption
  • It is possible to check the energy savings as a result of the interventions carried out  


Are you an EGE? With EDO, you can made a lot activities for your customers. From remote you can:

  • Manage differents customers and all their channels together and continously;
  • To carry out comparisons and cross-analysis between different customers;
  • Acquire different kind of data (eg production data) useful both for the customer and to carry out more deep analysis;
  • Support the customer in the energy management of his establishment, providing periodic reports;
  • Speed up the time needed for data analysis;
  • Identify timely waste and / or anomalies;
  • Check the energy savings result after the interventions.


If you are an high energy consumption or a large company it will be mandatory to carry out the energy diagnosis (following the first one) based on the measured consumption. It is therefore crucial to implement the monitoring system. 

In order to meet the legal obligations imposed by Decree 102/2014, high energy consume companies and large companies will have to carry out the next energy diagnosis based on the 2018 consumption data coming from a monitoring system.

For more information on the obligation to carry out energy diagnosis using monitoring systems, imposed by Decree 102/2014, click here


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