Optimisation of energy-supply contracts

Optimisation of energy-supply contracts

The offer set on the energy market is evolved and can be personalized to fit the diverse consumption of different firms.



The view of the offers on the free market today is highly developed and presents proposals personalized according to the type of company consumption.

The principal options are characterized by fixed prices for definite periods and by prices indexed on the grounds of the trends of the principal international markets.

Energynet, from the experience acquired in the sector, it proposes the following service:

  • Analyses the technical and economic aspects tied to the supply to individualize the typology of optimal and functional contract to the demands of the client.

Small and medium-sized enterprises:

  • Presents two formalities of research and evaluation of the offers of different competitors :
  • Offers negotiation ad hoc for the company;
  • Gathering small business to increase their commercial strength in the moment of the negotiation.

Enterprises with high energy consumption:

Management of the companies energy portfolio, playing progressively on the time to covering the needs, Monitoring the prices on the market. Capturing the most favorable moments in the market and set prices for individual partition of future consumption.


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