Emission Trading System ETS

Emission Trading System ETS

In consequence of the Kyoto Protocol, Europe is engaged in reducing its own greenhouse gas emissions.


After the creation of the Kyoto Protocol, Europe is committed to reducing its greenhouse gas emissions by establishing a common system of exchange of emission quotas between undertakings, the Emission Trading System.

The system is obligatory for all Member States which have defined the national rules and established emission limits for each sector and each single production site that exceed certain thresholds of emission.

The system is now entered in the third phase of implementation, 2013 - 2020, expanding the number of sectors and so the settlement involved.

The regulations are concerned about the industrial sectors with higher emissions of CO2 bound both to energy production and to the transformation of the carbon (as, for example, Companies processing of glass, ceramics, paper, iron, cast iron and steel, cement..).

The installations that are subjected to this law, can no more been activity without having an authorization to emit greenhouse gases released by the national competent authority (Ministry of the environment).

Energynet, with the experience acquired in the sector, proposes the following service;

  • Carries all necessary paperwork for obtaining authorization to emit;
  • Provides data collection (Nims);
  • Develop monitoring plans and communicates the quantity of emissions to the competent authorities;
  • Makes the management of the registers, acquires the shares needed to meet the annual obligations;
  • Enhances the shares of CO2 in excess of its client.


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